What are Dragons?

Dragons are impossible to kill.

That's what everyone else thinks, but you and I know better. Insurmountable challenges that everyone else ignores because they don't think it's even possible. Here are some examples.

  • Ending World Hunger
  • Creating a Robot that does your taxes and serves you drinks
  • Writing a New York Times Best Selling Novel
  • Killing an Actual Dragon 

These are dragons.

In the book 'Epic' by Conor Kostick, protagonist Eric Haraldson lives in a world where the economy is determined by a video game. All his friends are spending day after day killing Slimes and Kobolds to buy new equipment for their farms in real life. Eric doesn't want to play that way. He dives into the deeper  parts of the game where danger abounds. His friends think he is wasting time, but he has to know what else is possible, even if it costs him and his family status and money. In his adventures he often dies, requiring him to start from the beginning with a new character, but in the end, he learns how Dragons think and then he gathers his friends to defeat one.