Why Beauty Matters

Graceful notes drifted on the breeze that evening from the harps of the elves. The star-filled sky reflecting in the still pool. 

Watching this video for the hundredth time,
 the call to live a life of creating beautiful things grew into a 
tumultuous roar calling out to my soul.

Even as I dreamed of what I could create, 
the faint nudge of reality tugged at my sleeve.
What value does beauty have?

Even as I imagined what I could create, the logical part of my brain grounded me with the question:

What value does beauty have?

Everyone loves beauty, That's practically the definition of beauty!

Google defines beauty as: combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses.

I'm not trying to determine whether people like beauty.

What I want to know is does beauty help people?

Are novels, songs, and dances useful in the sense that farming, transportation, medical treatment,

housing and communication are useful?

I think art is practical, because art can inspire us to get things done.

Nothing makes washing dishes go by with more ease, joy, and glory, than listening to my favorite

music while doing them.

After reading the novel: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall  I was inspired to increase my vocabulary.

I actually went back through the book and looked up the definition of over 300 words I didn't know.

Besides inspiring us to do more of the productive things of life, art communicates.

The Animanicas - Presidents has taught me more about the presidents

than I learned in the rest of my days at school.

Finally, art is enchanting.

"As his feet dangled in the pool,
 he listened to  the water falling across the smooth stones.
He noticed a mushroom basking in the light of the sun.
He Inhaled the fragrance of pine wafting through the air."

Compare this to

He was in the forest.
He saw a mushroom.
He breathed so he wouldn't die.

Humans have the capability of rearranging the world around us into something beautiful. 

So,  I dare you to make something beautiful! If this post inspired you to create, let me know below!

Also if you think of any reasons why beauty matters, or why beauty doesn't matter, please tell me 

in the comments or email me at nukermage@gmail.com

Looking forward to your responses!

Thanks for being awesome everybody!

~ Daniel

Choose your Target

Like a Madman throwing fire brands arrows and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and then says "I was only joking."

Allot of people have dreams of becoming wildly successful, famous, quitting their jobs, visiting Jamaica, or becoming a Ninja. Strangely though, berry few people know what they want out of life. The point is this: Decide what you want, Remind yourself of it Daily, Work at it.

Maybe you want to be a writer/baker who sells lemonade and designs aircraft carriers. I'm not here to tell you that's impossible, I'm here to tell you that if you don't write down that goal and think about it daily, then in two months you'll want to be a computer programmer/artist who acts and grows gardens. And you'll be no closer to either of those goals.

Humans have short attention spans. This is the reason most people are stuck in a 9-5 job, or maybe have no job at all. It's because, even though they often think about leaving their job, they forget about it. The next day it seems like a brand new idea: I'm gonna leave my job. And they never get closer.

Here's my challenge for you. Write out at least 5 goals for this year, stick them on a note and put it on your computer. Read it every morning. This will remind you who you wanted to be. Then you will be ready to start working towards those goals, knowing that they aren't going anywhere. The temptation to change these goals will become strong, but try to remember why you wrote them.

Just Do Something.

All the planning in the world won't kill a dragon. You have to act. Movement is life, and without movement nothing ever happens.

I'd been caught up in the idea that I needed to write content that was 100% inspiring all the time, and only when I felt most inspired, but the truth is, if you don't exercise, you won't get stronger. If you don't go for runs, you won't get faster. You can read 100 fitness books and join all the running groups you want, but until your foot meets the pavement, you won't learn a thing. 

Experience is a great teacher. Don't neglect to practice what is being preached to you. If you think Susanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games because she read all the best articles on how to write, you are dead wrong. She wrote her heart out. She wrote all day and all night. She cried about her writing and she sang about it. She dreamed about it. But most important of all: she wrote.

This is my challenge to you. Go fight a monster today. I don't care if you kill him, I don't care if he kills you. I just want you to fight.