8 Most Unlikely Heroes

Whenever I need motivation to tackle the impossible, I read the story of someone else who did it.

 Here's my list of the Eight most unlikely heroes who defeated the dragons in their lives.

#1 Hero: Eric from Epic

  Eric actually kills a dragon literally, (virtually?) in a video game where

success means more than cookie points with your friends. In Eric's world

everyone's status in Epic directly effects their lives in the real world. Death

in the game doesn't mean death in real life, but it does mean that you might

live your life as a pauper. Eric doesn't care about dying though, he travels to

the dark and dangerous depths of the game, encountering monsters powerful

enough to destroy him in seconds.

#2 Hero: Katniss from The Hunger Games

Young introverted girl Katniss is born into a world where every year 24

children from her country are forced to fight to the death.