Just Do Something.

All the planning in the world won't kill a dragon. You have to act. Movement is life, and without movement nothing ever happens.

I'd been caught up in the idea that I needed to write content that was 100% inspiring all the time, and only when I felt most inspired, but the truth is, if you don't exercise, you won't get stronger. If you don't go for runs, you won't get faster. You can read 100 fitness books and join all the running groups you want, but until your foot meets the pavement, you won't learn a thing. 

Experience is a great teacher. Don't neglect to practice what is being preached to you. If you think Susanne Collins wrote the Hunger Games because she read all the best articles on how to write, you are dead wrong. She wrote her heart out. She wrote all day and all night. She cried about her writing and she sang about it. She dreamed about it. But most important of all: she wrote.

This is my challenge to you. Go fight a monster today. I don't care if you kill him, I don't care if he kills you. I just want you to fight.